What We Do

Consulting on User Experience
We offer consultancy to make sure that the use of technology be positive, efficient, natural, safe, intuitive, memorable and even addictive.
Usability Testing
We apply various techniques and tests to detect design defects, inconsistencies, errors and conflict points of any already existing system, website or application.
Design and Development
We create websites and web based systems, plus iOS Apps. Our developments are fundamented with our UX Model. They are centered around the user and are designed to serve and facilitate the life and work of people.
Interface Design (UI)
We analyze the nature, characteristics and specific needs of each technology, to create optimal interfaces and increase their chances of adoption and success.
Man–Technology Interaction Research
We constantly research and study the state of the art of human interfaces design, technology, the human mind, user psychology and behavorial economics.

ChocolatUX Model

While our ChocolatUX Model of Digital Experiences is based on state of the art UX, it goes beyond conventional UX design thanks to the knowledge of our team in 3 main areas of knowledge: Engineering Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Engineering Sciences (Technology) Interface Design Humanities (Art) Social Engineering Usability Social Sciences
(Individuals and communities)
The person is at the center of our model, the user of a technology at a specific time and context and who has specific objectives.
Engineering Sciences (Technology)
These are the disciplines that form the fundamental technological base, they include software engineering, electronics, neuroscience and information architecture. Knowledge of these disciplines provide the tools such as prototyping and statistics that allow for experimentation, measurement, and evaluation.
Humanities (Art)
These are the disciplines with aesthetic value that allow technology to become an expression of art, and allow it to possess a warm, human feel. They include graphic and visual design, color, proportion, motion, typography and visual language.
Social Sciences (Individuals and communities)
These are the disciplines that allow us to better understanding the people and communities that use the technology, to interpret their feelings, needs, the specificities of their culture and subcultures, their way working and their individual and group behavior.


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